Why Should You Hire Professional Insect Control Services?


Madison in Mississippi is a part of the Jackson Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is a lovely place, offering the charms of a small town with the amenities of a metropolis. However, the city also houses pests and bugs that invade your homes, build nests, and keep multiplying unless taken care of timely. The most common insects found in the city are American cockroaches, brown recluse spiders, bed bugs, termites, and mosquitoes (Mississippi has more than 50 species). Do-It-Yourself methods work only to a certain extent in controlling these insects. You must call professional pest control Madison MS, to eliminate the pests quickly and effectively. What are some vital details about professional insect control services, and how can they help you? Read on to find out.

Why Should You Call Pest Control Services?

Eliminating insects can be challenging unless you know what you are doing. Methodically exterminating them takes more than just a few repellant sprays or throwing a few mothballs around the house. Professional exterminators possess the knowledge and experience to deal with the menace effectively. They begin by identifying the source of the problem. They assess the situation first and then decide how to deal with it, rather than implementing the same solution in every household. Interestingly, professionals also know which insects are more active during a particular season, which helps them deal with the problem effectively. For example, termites, flies, spiders, and ants are some of Madison’s most active pests during the spring season.

Helpful Information on Pests

As mentioned earlier, the city of Madison is home to various insects, but the most common are American cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, ants, spiders, and rodents. Each of these can cause unprecedented havoc to you and your property, and here’s what you should know about them.


Madison has a significant presence of termites, affecting most households. You don’t even realize their presence inside your home unless you encounter some considerable damage. The most common termite species found in Madison is Formosan. They are about half inches long and move in large groups during the springtime between late April to mid-May. They mainly feed on wooden products and live in cool, dark areas. If you think there are termites on your property, you must immediately contact professional extermination services. They will inspect your house thoroughly, including the interiors and exteriors. The purpose is to find active termites like shed wings, mud tubes, and termite swarmers. Post-inspection, the professional will present you with various treatment options like liquid termiticide, bait stations, etc.


Two species of cockroaches are common in Madison: American and German. American roaches have a reddish-brown appearance and are about one and a half inches long. The German bug is about a half-inch long and is light brown. The females produce more eggs than the males. Coming across cockroaches during the daytime in several areas of your house like the basement, laundry room, under the cabinets, and behind the kitchen counters are a sign of infestation. They are the most active during the summer and spring seasons. You must not lose any time in calling the professionals under such circumstances.

Bed bugs

Although Madison and Mississippi had no bed bugs during the 1980s, their numbers increased due to frequent travelers to and from the state. They are oval brown insects active throughout the year, with increased activity during winter. Because they have flat bodies, they can easily hide in cracks, furniture, and walls. Bugs can also bite you, leaving behind red bumps, swelling, or inflammation. Do-It-Yourself methods like using petroleum jelly, kerosene, thyme oil, and placing a mattress outside in the sun are not very helpful in getting rid of them. It is advisable to call professionals if you notice the first signs of a bug bite. They will use methods like liquid and dust insecticides, heat, or other ways to get rid of them effectively.

How to Select a Pest Control Company?

You should ask them if they offer solutions for pests like termites, cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, and mosquitoes. It would be helpful if their packages included options for interiors/exterior treatment, along with one-off, quarterly or bi-monthly options, since your requirements might vary from time to time. You might also consider asking them what kind of treatment they provide, their working mechanism, and the cost of their services. They should also inform you of the preparations you must make before a pest removal treatment.

If you are suspicious of bugs in your property, you must contact professional services for pest control in Madison, MS. Instead of dealing with them yourself, you must let the specialists handle the job since they know the best way to do it.


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