A Cool And Pleasant Home During Hot Days


A cool and pleasant home is especially important if there is a heat wave. In the summer it can sometimes be up to 36 degrees.

However, not everyone can stand the heat, but there are a few tricks to keep the house as cool as possible for a little longer.

Good insulation of the house holds a lot of heat out, but also ensures that the heat, once it is inside, it does not easily go out. To start, contacting the best installers of Denver insulation is a wise move to evaluate your house to determine how much insulation it needs. In addition, here are a few steps to keep your home cool in the summer.

Protect windows from direct sunlight

A cool and pleasant home can be ensured by protecting the glass windows and doors against the bright sunlight.

Most of the heat comes from inside the glass. Even the most isolated and most modern glass holds some sun’s heat inside, making the house slowly warms up a bit.

The best solution is an external insulation, so to ensure that the sun can not reach all the way to the windows.

Shutters are as well suited, large awnings also do their job well. Who does not have these capabilities, can still close the curtains on the sunny side, so that the incoming glass heat is not easily spread in the area and remains largely between curtains and window cling.

By keeping windows and doors closed during the day, the house stays cool longer

Once the day is hotter outside than inside, it is best to keep the windows and doors shut.

In that way, you keep the cool air in and the hot air stays outside. Once the evening gets cooler outside, you put everything open and well ventilated.

The morning air, which is often still fresh and cool enough just before and after sunrise should be let in.

Be careful, because it will then heat up faster than you think.

A cool garden always reduces a few degrees

A garden decorated with stone will give off more heat to its surroundings than a garden with just plants, trees and shrubs.

It is not for nothing that they used a heated stone, wrapped in a towel on the bed during cold periods.

Stone easily takes a lot of heat and give it off very slowly. In addition, you should have plants, trees and shrubs for the shade. The sun can not be anywhere near to warm up the ground.

All plants also give off moisture. Therefore, moisture evaporates and extracts to the nearby area.

You have probably already noticed that the summer in a forest is much cooler than on an open plain. For the garden, the same applies. It therefore emits less heat to your home.

Shadow on the walls and the place where the doors are placed

If you have a garden, the shadow of the tree will fall on the walls, on the windows and doors so that you can open them open for more fresh air.

Sunscreens are fine, but a wall that stays cool is even better.

The fan gives coolness

Of course you can also bring the coolness for your home by a fan. Turn on the fan at a place which makes the air moving, and no one sits “in the wind”.

There are also big fans on the ceiling, but they are not really nice and not everyone likes it.

A portable fan is easier to use and you can take it to the bedroom in the evening. If you put the fan in the evening near a window or door, there will be some more coolness inside.

A bowl of ice in front of the fan also brings cool air for the room if it is at least not too big.


An air conditioner is of course ideal for anyone who can afford it, because it is not a cheap solution.

Not only is the most effective devices are expensive, it also slurps a lot of energy. The electricity bill raises a lot with the use of aircon. Also with an air conditioner, you have to be careful.

Turn on the air conditioning a few degrees lower than the outside temperature, and not too low, otherwise then your body system gets a slap if you must go outside. The same applies for the air conditioning of the car. Let the difference in temperature not be too large.

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