Pet-Friendly Apartment Living: A Guide


One of the biggest challenges of being a pet owner is finding accommodations that will accept your furry companion. If you are not willing to part with your fur baby, you’ll need to find an apartment building or complex that is pet-friendly. Before you move in, make sure you are prepared to have a positive experience for yourself and your pet.

Understand Your Contract

Once you’ve found your pet-friendly apartment, make sure you read your rental agreement carefully. Most landlords that accept pets on the premises have special conditions. They will probably ask you to pay a higher deposit than you would for an apartment without pets. Your monthly payment will be higher as well.

If your pet causes any type of damage while you are living in the apartment, you should take care of it. If any scratches, damaged wood, or stains are left behind at the time that you move, your security deposit will be used for any repairs. You may lose part or all of your initial deposit.

Location is Everything

You should choose a pet-friendly apartment that makes you feel like you are part of the community. A complex like The Station Chester VA is one example. You should be in the heart of an area that is rich in opportunities to mingle with others. Enjoy coffee shops, restaurants, breweries, and shopping.

You need great places for recreation where you and your pet can enjoy the great outdoors, such as a public park or a dog park. As you take your furry friend for a walk, you’re sure to connect with others who share common interests. It’s a great way to meet new people while enjoying quality time with your pet.

Interior Features are Important

If you are going to share your apartment with your pet, you need a place that will be easy to maintain. Wood-style flooring is preferable to carpet. It’s much easier to keep it clean with a broom, vacuum, or mop. If your pet has any type of accident, you won’t be dealing with unsightly stains and odors that stinks up the rug.

You should have plenty of space for your pet to move freely if you don’t have to crate your pet while you are away. If you do crate your animal, be mindful of how much time your pet is in a confined space. Large windows will give your pet plenty of sunlight. If your cat or dog is free to roam in the apartment, windows give them a glimpse of the outside world. Remember that your pet’s comfort is just as important as yours.

Give your pet a soft bed, and put out water on a water-resistant mat to make sure your pet will stay hydrated. Consider playing music or pet videos while you are away to keep your pet company. Leave plenty of toys to occupy your pet when you are gone. You need your furry companion to feel safe and content when it is alone.

Attend to Your Pets Needs

If you have a dog, you will need to take your pooch out often. Plan on heading out first thing in the morning, when you get home, and before bed. Regular walks will give you a chance to spend a special time with one of your best friends. You should play with your dog, pet your dog, and speak to your dog often.

Being alone can be hard on a pet. If you have a cat, be conscientious about cleaning the litter box. Find food and supplements that will control hairballs. Consider walking your cat on a leash. Give your cat a tower to climb and play with your feline friend. Hanging a bird feeder outside your window will give your cat hours of entertainment while you are gone.

You are your pet’s whole world. Your cat or dog needs to be a priority when you are looking for an apartment that is the right fit for both of you. Not all pet-friendly locations are created equally. Request a tour before you make any commitments. Price should not be the deciding factor. Make sure the apartment has everything you want for you and your furry companion.


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