The Most Popular Five Guys Burgers


Sure, the Five Guys burgers are terrific. But which burgers should you get? If you like to go with the flow, then here’s the list of the top 5 bestselling burgers at Five Guys.

There’s no denying the popularity of Five Guys burgers. And if you want to check out the bestsellers, then here’s the list of the most popular Five Guys burgers across the country.


Lots of people (including us) wonder about how some people can prefer plain burgers. How is it even possible to not have the cheese? A burger becomes infinitely better with the simple addition of the cheese. That’s just a fact.

It doesn’t have to be some sort of super-special cheese, either. That’s true for Five Guys, which uses the standard American cheese you’d find in plenty of other fast-food items. Five Guys uses Kraft American cheese, which is rather sweet. It’s actually cheap, although you won’t really know this with the prices at Five Guys.

What’s different here is that Five Guys puts in 2 slices of Kraft American cheese. What’s more, they melt the cheese between the 2 fresh patties. That may seem obvious, but Five Guys is the first well-known burger joint to place the cheese between the patties.

As far as we know, it’s still the only brand to do this. Other brands insist on putting the cheese on top of the patties, even on their double-patty burgers. But perhaps that may change in the near future. It’s a much better placement, because the melted cheese holds the 2 patties together more effectively. There’s less chance of making a mess.

And oh yeah, despite the plain “cheeseburger” designation, this comes with 2 patties. Five Guys seem to favor understatements. And despite the Plain Jane name, it’s the most popular burger option at Five Guys (at least according to our informal survey).

Bacon Cheeseburger

This chimes in at second, and it further confirms the belief that so many fast-food aficionados have long held. It’s that bacon makes every fast-food menu item better. Bacon is like Lebron James—you put Lebron in any team, and hell likely take it to the NBA Finals. The same goes for bacon. Put some bacon in anything, and that dish suddenly becomes one of the tastiest treats ever.

Basically, this is the cheeseburger (2 patties with 2 slices of melted Kraft American Cheese) and then they added bacon. But this isn’t your ordinary bacon. You get 2 strips of crispy bacon smoked on applewood. Many bacon experts (yes, these people really exist) contend that the applewood chips cause the bacon to get its characteristic smoky yet mildly sweet flavor. For many, it’s the perfect balance between the smokiness and the sweetness.

Little Cheeseburger

It’s not so little, just in case you still don’t get the Five Guys penchant for understatement. It’s just that this only has a single patty, along with a single slice of the Kraft American cheese. That may seem a bit paltry, until you consider that you’re still able to add as many of the 15 toppings as you want.

Perhaps its popularity has something to do with the price. You’ll pay an average of $8.37 for hamburger at Five Guys, so this one’s a bargain with an average cost of just $7.07. That’s especially true with the toppings added in for free.

Or maybe its fans want to cut down on the calorie intake. This only comes with 610 calories, and that’s a pittance considering that many “special” burgers these days can approach (or even go past) 2,000 calories.

In any case, some people may find the 2 patties a bit too much. There will always be some diners who think a single patty is enough.

Bunless Cheeseburger

Yep, it’s a cheeseburger without the bun. You can still hold it, using the lettuce leaf as your bun substitute. Its presence on this list proves how the meat itself just shines through, especially with the cheese and with all the other toppings you want.

Why not try the bun? While the bun is great in itself, going without the bun reduces the calories significantly. With this Bunless Cheeseburger, you only get 580 calories despite the 2 patties. You still get 40g of protein, which is great for those in strength training. You only get 720mg of sodium. And if you’re on a low-carb diet, then you’d appreciate the 1g total carbs.

Little Hamburger

This is the most popular hamburger at Five Guys that don’t contain cheese. It ranks 5th on the list, which is understandable as most people simply want their burgers to have the cheese included.

But is shouldn’t be surprising why it’s the most popular hamburger option. After all, if someone doesn’t want the extra patty, they may as well not want the cheese either. And with the 15 toppings available, it’s not as if they’re getting a boring burger.

So, which of these popular Five Guys burgers will be your favorite as well?


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