The Criteria Related To The Mower When Choosing A Riding Lawn Mower


You are wondering about the criteria when choosing best riding lawn mowers for your large garden? Read our riding lawn mower reviews for the best choice.

Cutting width

A short cut width (60 cm) offers great maneuverability. Greater (1m), it can cover a larger area and offers a time saving. Depending on the area of the garden, it is also of the engine power.

The type of engine

  • All riding lawn mowers are engine, 4 stroke, high power using gasoline and cooled air. The start is usually electric, in rare cases it can still be done by the launcher.
  • Pay attention that: Do not overlook the maintenance of the engine.
  • Select the power output according to the cutting width.

The housing

On all models, it is in sheet steel, a material that is resistant to shocks. Some manufacturers treat the cutting deck against corrosion, increasing its longevity. In all cases, regular maintenance is required: go to water jet cutting the casing after each session.

The cutting deck can be floating, perfect to the track unevenness. It is a single strip, bimetal or rarely trilame, housing one, two or three cutting blades. For more blades, check that the housing is offset from the axis of the tractor for optimal mowing.

Usually placed under the driver’s seat, the cutting deck can be at the front wheel on some models. This is called coronal section so that the mowing is more accurate.

The clutch of the blade – useful for advancing without cutting, cross an avenue for example – can be done manually or electromagnetically, for added security.

The chassis

There are several designs, and the life of your lawn depends on it. The strongest is the one-piece seamless frame beam. Other frame types have welds and are therefore less robust.

The accessories

  • A mulching kit to turn grass clippings into nutritious mulch for your lawn;
  • Lighthouses to mow in the dark, or to take the road (check the registration of the mower for this use);
  • The front bumper to protect the carper hood;
  • Anti-scalping tires to reduce tire tracks on the lawn.

There are also many accessories for using your machine to mow. You can add such as:

  • A broom to clean your lawn of dead leaves;
  • A defoamer to remove moss from your lawn;
  • A ripper to loosen the soil and aerate the soil;
  • A spreader to make compost for your lawn;
  • A trailer for transporting heavy equipment;
  • A roller to compact the soil;
  • A sprayer to spread a weed killer or other liquid treatment product;
  • An aerator for high traffic lawns;
  • A snow blower to remove snow from the lawn.

Safety tips

The riding lawn mowers are very safe machines, for example when the driver gets up from the seat, the engine and the blade stop instantly. However you need to follow some rules to prevent household accident:

  • Never leave the mower unattended unless the wire from the spark plug is disconnected;
  • Keep children away from the mowing area;
  • Children under 16 should not operate a riding mower.

After Sales Service – Service

The mowers have a long lifespan, on average the riding lawn mower will last for 9 years. A good service will ensure a speedy intervention of an expert and the availability of spare parts for your mower model.

On the site of plants and gardens, the sheets of our riding mowers and all our riders offer downloadable manual mower, the after-sales service conditions and the list of technical stations licensed by major brands.

The MTD manufacturer offers its delivery Ready to start. It includes, among others, monitoring the status of the unit, setting the acid battery and charging 3 hours, mounting the seat, steering wheel, the tray (depending on model), level control motor oil, security, etc. and the handling of the machine by the consumer.

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