Plastic Frames – What Do You Really Need To Know!


If you are planning to purchase new plastic windows, it is important to first gather some information about the product.

When making a choice, it is good to know how many possibilities there are. New frames, after all, is a quite important investment and it is nice to know what you should look for before you decide to buy.

What are the possibilities?

Plastic frames are available in a plane and in a renovation profile. The flat profile has a thickness of 7 cm.

The renovation profile has a thickness of between 10 and 13 cm. This varies by brand. The refurbishment profile most resembles wood while the flat profile is tighter and has more modern look.

Apart from the smooth surfaces, the frames are usually also available in wood grain. The available colors are limited in wood grain structure but usually also available on the inside.

A fairly recent development is the straight corner joints on the outside. This allows the plastic frames are almost indistinguishable from wood in appearance. Before requesting a quote, it is wise to orient yourself in advance about the possibilities.

Prices can be best compared when it is offered the same at all the requested quotes. This includes not only the color and profile but also the layout of the frames.

Especially in front doors and rear doors, there are often cheaper alternatives which are offered, which makes it difficult to compare prices.

Windows and doors that are located on the ground or above a flat roof must be carried out with SKG batter. With the SKG batter, the frames are additionally secured. SKG batter is available in three versions:

  • SKG1 – 3-minute delay in burglary
  • SKG2 – 5-minute delay in burglary
  • SKG3 – 10-minute delay in burglary

SKG batter is designed to hold an occasional cracks outside the door. Professionals prepare and feature it with advanced materials which makes it possible to apply the SKG batter inside. Fortunately, only 5% of the burglaries are committed by professionals.

What exactly is the difference?

Plastic frames are available in different versions, but there are several brands that are available.

The view from the window frames also differ by brand. The brand frames just says something about the quality of the plastic and nothing about, for example, the contents (the used steel profiles) or the hardware.

The plastic profiles are always empty (without steel reinforcement, etc.), which is provided at a factory where they are processed into frames.

When you request a quote from two different companies with the same brand, it does not automatically mean that the plastic frames are at the same quality.

One vendor can work with cheaper materials and ostensibly offer the same frames for a worse product. It is wise to ask where the frames are manufactured and find information about these factories on the internet!

The warranty is largely based on manufacturer’s data on plastic frames. If your provider go bankrupt, you can at least visit if there were still problems arise with your windows! (watch out! They will not implement the same assembling that the frames have!)

What to look for?

Many articles and websites provide information about the advantages and disadvantages of plastic frames.

Of course this is also very important, but what more can we do? Not only ask for several quotes but also take the time to visit several showrooms! This way you can see the difference yourself.

Is there a section of the profile that you want to see it more closely? Go to the store to find the data you want on the package or ask the seller. Most frames have a five chamber system.

Lift the cross-section of the frame at once, and feel the weight. Try the windows in the showroom! See for yourself and do not let yourself be led too much by a vendor.

When you are well informed in detail about the frames and proceed with the purchase, please list your wishes clearly on a paper.

An order should be clear to both parties. Always make clear the order verbally before signing for agreement!

When you decide to buy plastic windows, do not take A DEPOSIT! Because a company that has its financial records in order to finance, therefore no deposit is required!

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