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Are you searching for the best weed wacker reviews? Then read our ultimate guide below.

Weed eaters also known as string trimmers or weed wackers are among the important gardening tool that any household or office that has garden should have.

It is used in lawn or garden maintenance.

As implicit from the name, it is a tool used in cutting or mowing grasses in the lawn. The cutting or trimming of grasses is made easy and simply with this.

If you are working with this tool, you will save a lot of energy and time in maintaining your lawn.

Thus, you still have time and energy to do some other things after working in your garden during the weekend.

Grass trimming will not prevent you from having fun or doing other things on the day you work in your garden or lawn.

String trimmers like every other garden tool is available in a number of types, brands and styles. These types of String trimmers have certain similarities especially in their grass cutting mechanism.

They all have a motor which moves a nylon string (two in some brand) at about 10,000 RPM. But the motor can be powered by battery, gasoline or electricity.

So, the source of power is one of the distinguishing factors among the various brands of string trimmers in the market.

The brands themselves are not of equal reputation and reliability. Some brands produce better and more reliable products.

So, when it is time for you to buy a new weed eater for the trimming of your garden, it is important that you take time to read the reviews.

Some brands  have received numerous positive reviews and are ranked higher than others in Amazon.

Types Of Weed Eaters

As it has been said above, weed eaters are available in a number of types. They also vary in their sizes as well as source of power.

If are looking for the best weed wacker, it is important that you know the various types of string trimmers.

Knowing this will enable you to choose a brand that will meet your need. As we will later see, one factor that determines what type of trimmer that is suitable for you is the nature of the work you want to do with it.

But whether you are buying it for your home use or commercial purposes, you will find a suitable type of string trimmer.

Compare Kinds Of Weed Eater

Top 3 Best Weed Wacker Review

 As it has been highlighted above, based on the reviews by consumers in Amazon some models of certain brands are highly rated and thus can be regarded as the best weed trimmer in the market today.

Consumers consider a lot of factors before leaving their feedbacks. Factors such as noise level, performance level, ease of use, speed, reliability, power or fuel economy, durability and available features including safety features and warranties are considered.

Based on these factors, these three models can be regarded as the best weed wacker on the market.

Best Weed Wacker Reviews: Black & Decker LST136W String Trimmer

This is another nice product included in the list of best string trimmer in Amazon. It has received a total rating of 4.5/5 and it is available for sale in Amazon at the cost around $138 with free shipping.
This model of weed trimmer is a cordless gardening tool powered by a 40V lithium battery. It offers an amazing functionality.
With the tool, you can quickly trim your garden. It comes with a PowerDrive transmission which efficiently powers the motor for easy cutting. The tool works as a trimmer and as an edger.
Once you turn the shaft, the function will change from trimming to edging as the case may be. Distinguishing feature of the machine include but not limited to the following
  • Automatic feed spool which makes it possible for the tool to work continuously without bumping
  • Shaft for converting from one function to another
  • PowerDrive transmission
  • PowerCommand dial
  • 40V lithium batter
  • Product dimension and shipping weight of 9.6×4.4×43.9 inches and 11 pounds respectively


Best Weed Wacker Reviews: GreenWorks 21142 Mount String Trimmer

GreenWorks is a name that speaks volume in the gardening tools industry. The business is known for the production and distribution of efficient and high performing gardening tools.

Its 21142 model of mount string trimmer is included in the list of best weed eater. If you are looking for efficient, high performing but affordable weed trimmer, you should include this model in your list of choices of tool.

It has a 3.9/5 reviews which is good for the price for which it is sold. It is sold at the cost around $78.66 including the shipping cost. It is an 18 inches cutting path gardening tool with 10 Amp electric motor.

It is capable of cutting the toughest weeds in your weed. As you are working with the tool, your hand will not be subjected to pain thanks to the cushion and over-mold handle it comes with.

Features in the tool are:

  • 13 pound shipping weight, product dimension of 13×31.5×5.1 inches and product weight of 9.9 pounds
  • .080 dual line bump-feed head
  • Padded handle with auxiliary handle that makes for excellent control during use
  • Capable of accepting attachments from brands such as Yard works, Trimmer Plus, Ryobi and others thanks to its attachment capable design


Husqvarna 128DJ with 28cc Cycle Gas Powered String Trimmer

This model of Husqvarna is among the best weed eater in the market based on the consumer’s reviews  in Amazon.

It has received a 4.6/ reviews based on the factors mentioned above. Husqvarna did a very nice and recommendable work in the creation of this model of their gardening tool.

With its numerous features, it is available in Amazon at the cost of $192.99 including free shipping. Some of the features in this tool that make it a unique tool are:

  • Adjustable and comfort handle for maximum comfort during use
  • A 288cc motor capable of producing a horsepower of 1.1Hp with a cutting path of 17
  • Shaft with tools coupler which makes it detachable makes for great portability
  • Smart start with air purge design for easy starting of the engine
  • Low noise level thanks to its quiet trimmer line
  • Shipping weight of 22 pounds, product weight of 21.3 pounds and product dimension of 40×9.5×11 inches

How To Choose The Best Weed Wacker For The Money?

The availability of many types, size, brands and models of weed wacker makes it difficult for some consumers to be able to choose.

Durability and functionality alone are not enough to determine which brands make a good weed trimmer  for you.

There are a number of factors that you should consider before you will be able to determine which trimmer is suitable for you. Here are tips to help you choose the best.

Consider your need

The first factor that you should consider when you are searching for the best string trimmer in the market is your need.

As it has been highlighted above, some weed trimmers are simply made for light cutting while some are heavy duty tools.

Are you going to use the tool regularly for long hours? Do you have a regular power supply?

Are you using it for cutting in a large compound or yard?  These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself  before making a choice.

The answer to the question determines the most suitable weed wacker for you.

For example, if you are using it for cutting in your small garden, then portable weed trimmers either electric or battery powered should be the right option for you.

The source of power

 This is another important factor to consider when you are out there in search of the good weed eater in the market.

If you prefer powering with electricity, then you should look for electric trimmer taking into consideration the pros and cons of electric string trimmer explained above.

Consider the brand

As it is evident from the weed eater reviews above, some brands and models are more functional and reliable than others.

Buying a product of a reliable brand is a recommendable strategy of getting quality product.

So, take time to research on the reliability and reputation of various brands before you make your choice. But it is advisable that you buy a product of reliable and reputable brand.

Consider the shop you are buying from

This is an important factor that most buyers overlook. All shops whether online or offline are not the same in their reliability.

So, you have to buy from a reliable and reputable shop that will not give you fake products in the name of originals.

Consider the nature of weeds you want to cut

Tough weeds are better cut with heavy duty trimmers like gasoline powered weed trimmers.

If you use light trimmers to cut tough grass, the machine will definitely spoil. This is why it is important that you consider the nature of the weeds you will be cutting with the tool you want to buy.

Consider the features available in the tool

Weed eaters differ in the features available in them. Some have better features than others.

These features add comfort to the tool. Look for a type that has numerous improved features for ease of use.

Other factors to consider are:

  • The design of the weed trimmer (is it made for right or left handed people)
  • The type of shaft it has
  • The size of its diameter
  • The size of the line

Best Weed Wacker Reviews: Conclusion

Weed eaters are tools used for cutting weeds in the garden and lawn. They are mainly used to trim weeds in places where lawn mower cannot get to or the edges of a lawn. You will find various types, designs, brands and models in the market.

But you should always bear in mind that these brands are not equally made. Choosing the best brand can be tricky.

To do that, you should consider certain factors such as your needs, the brand, features available in the machine and others.


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