The Cheapest Ways To Add Value To A Condo


Whether you are currently living in your condo and wish to add value to it before selling up and moving on or you are looking to invest and flip for profit as quickly as possible, the last thing you want is to have to spend too much money on the process. Fortunately, there are some cheap ways in which you can add value to a property and it all starts with a solid plan of action.

1.      You Can’t Beat A Fresh Lick Of Paint

Not only will repainting the walls in your condo make it look brand new, but it gives it that ‘new home smell’ as well. Modern trends suggest picking neutral colours as these are the most attractive to prospective home buyers.

2.      The Devil Is In The Details

What might seem like insignificant changes can actually make a huge difference in your home, for example:

  • Fixing loose wiring
  • Repairing / replacing leaky faucets
  • Updating your flooring (e.g., replacing stained carpets with laminate flooring)
  • Giving your home a thorough, deep clean throughout.

Take your time to go around your condo and pay attention to every detail. A blemish here and a crack there, the one door that doesn’t close properly without being slammed, a musty smell coming from old curtains – all of which can easily be rectified.

3.      Revamp The Lighting In Your Condo

The simple act of modernising your light fixtures can make your condo far brighter and even give it a sense of greater depth and space. Additionally, updating your bulbs to LEDs is not only the energy conscious move, but it can add a whole new colour temperature to your environment as well.

4.      Upgrade The Kitchen Where Possible

The most important thing to the majority of prospective home buyers is the kitchen. People love to picture themselves cooking with family and schmoozing with friends at dinner parties. By upgrading the kitchen, you can not only add value, but make it all the more attractive as well!

Little things like upgrading it with a new faucet set, repainting cabinet doors and replacing knobs, and investing in matching appliances can make a huge difference.

5.      Add Comfort Throughout

Home buyers are also looking for comfort. They want to see bedrooms with quality mattresses and bedding – and beds that don’t squeak at the slightest depression! The lounge area should also be as inviting as possible. Replace your sofa with an L-shape sofa, buy some cushions and blankets, throw in a little bit of mood lighting, and you’ll be surprised by how much more attractive your condo will be to potential buyers!


Again, think carefully about the details. Take some time to plan your renovations and look for ways to save money wherever possible. You won’t believe how the subtle changes can make such a big impact on the overall value and buyability of a condo!

We hope that you’ve found this article helpful and that it’s filled you with some inspiration. If you would like your next condo purchase to be nice and easy with no personalisation or renovation work necessary, there’s plenty of quality finished options in Bangkok for you to choose from, such as Chamchuri Square Condo sales.


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