HR ++ Gglass: The Costs and Benefits


In recent years, it is becoming more common to apply HR++ glass in your house. This is mainly because the placement of this type of glass is not only inexpensive, but you also can save substantially on the long run.

HR: what does it stand for?

The acronym HR stands for high efficiency. The glass is called HR because it has a high insulation value and thus it just let little heat pass through from the inside to the outside.

The plus signs in the name distinguish these species from other types of glass HR. HR ++ glass insulates better than HR + glass.

The glass consists of two sheets of glass which are separated from each other by a layer of noble gas.

The noble gas insulates better than ordinary air contained in standard double glazing. In addition, specific HR ++ glass fit in an extra coating (invisible metal coating), which further enhances the extra insulation.

Why HR ++ glass?

More and more households in the USA switch to HR ++ glass, it has been the best glass type.

More and more people choose to replace the glazing. Frequently, this involves replacing outdated windows, which requires an additional investment.

Why is that? The popularity of HR ++ glass comes primarily from the favorable price-quality ratio, and the fact that you, thanks to lower heating costs, can recoup the installation costs of the glass.

The investment on the HR ++ glass

When replacing the windows, there are two major costs: the cost of materials and labor. In the case of HR ++ glass, approximately the cost comes down to the following average rates:

  • HR ++ glass: € 80 / m2
  • Installation by glazier: € 40-70 / m2

You should focus more on the average cost of labor. While the material costs are often similar, the big difference is in the rates of glaziers or labor.

One glazier is simply cheaper than the other. Moreover, there are different calculation methods, for example, per hour, per square meter, or an agreed fixed amount.

There may be, therefore, greatly advance wages must be paid, so you have to consider this beside price quotes of each other.

After comparing price quotes, you may have the chance to get the deal which is 30 to 40 percent cheaper than the first glass supplier.

Calculation example

Take an average house in the United State, with 20 square meters of windows with modern HR ++ glass as an example for calculating.

Based on above mentioned costs, you will have to spend approximately € 1,600 on the glassware, and around € 1,000 in labor costs.

That makes a total investment of € 2,600 for HR ++ glass in all windows, including the placing by a skilled glazier and guarantee of a professional glass company.

And then save!

As mentioned before, we use HR ++ glass because of its high insulation which means just a little heat from the inside can go to the outside.

This means that in the room where you put the glass, the heat is much better to remain inside than in a room with single or ordinary double glazing. The advantage is that you need to burn less hard to keep the room warm.

This way you will save on your energy bill. How much you save exactly, of course, depends on whether HR ++ glass is placed in all the windows, and whether there are other forms of insulation and energy used, such as roof, floor and wall insulation, solar panels and / or an efficient HR -boiler.

Let’s pretend that it is a pure transition from outdated glass to modern HR ++ glass, then generally we make an average saving of € 13 per square meter per year.

With the same sample calculation in the average house with 20 square meters of modern HR ++ glass, you will make a total investment of € 2,600.

This improvement provides the better isolation of our house which ensures that energy bills will go down an average of € 260 per year.

So if you want a long-term investment in your owner-occupied, then you know that you will earn after 10 years on balance HR ++ glass.

Then we will possibly have the financial benefit compared to other insulation improvements. And keep in mind that the resale value of your home goes up with energy-efficient glass in all windows.

Good luck with your decision to purchase a new HR++ glass for your home! Read more on my site:


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