The coronavirus outbreak was guilty of putting serious limitations on the day-to-day activity of the general public, for a host of people, this became an avenue to expand their creative imagination with home decoration.

Walk-in showers made a big emergence in 2020 with a price ranging from a thousand to three thousand in U.S dollars concerning renovation for a pre-fab shower unit. For a fully customized unit, the price ranges from eight thousand to thirteen thousand U.S dollars.

There is always the question of why a certain step should be taken and a determining factor of if it is worth it. When it comes to renovations concerning the bathroom, a walk-in showers is a fancy way to go. It is exquisite and it does show class.

A whole lot of walk-in showers are either partly or fully enclosed by glass. It gives the bathroom a natural and open appeal. The bathroom floor effortlessly transitions into the shower floor owing to the designs being curbless, hence making it easy for you to walk right in. 

It can be built into any space, in addition to being a choice for older couples that incorporate the idea of a built-in bench. Visit elephantstock to find the perfect indie wall arts to pair with your entire home decoration.


As described earlier, the fully customized walk-in shower will require a budget range of $8,000-13,000.

A DIY, prefabricated shower would cost homeowners $1,000-$3,000. it is most common owing to its aesthetic appeal.  Below lays a step-by-step cost breakdown for a walk-in shower renovation.


This is the first step towards renovation with a cost price of $500-1000. An existing bathtub or an old shower would be entirely removed along with the wall tiles plastered on the wall.


This aspect should be handled with the utmost professionalism. Hire a plumber to install shower valves that are responsible for the control of water, water supply lines, and positioning, before eventually installing the shower drain. Your price range will of course depend on the number of changes you make.


Before the shower tiles are infused, a waterproofing membrane should be put in place. The Kerdi waterproofing membrane from Schluter is the highest-quality and the most populous product for this. It has a downside for being a tad bit expensive with the cost of materials soaring up to $1000.


This aspect requires a whole lot of skillset as it cannot be achieved without professional interference. The shower floor would need to be at a slope to ensure the water goes down the drain easily. When installing your floor tiles overtop, go for a small or medium size. A cheaper but less attractive alternative would be a pre-built shower pan placed over the floor.

This would cost you an average price of $2,500, the price should reduce to almost $1,000 if pre-built.


Your specifics with the tile being used are a huge determinant of the price. Heavier tiles are often more expensive to install owing to the weight. 

The size of the shower is a determinant of how long it would take to finish installing your tiles. An estimated budget of $2-3,000 will be appropriate for this renovation.




This entails installing the shower trim and fixtures. Kohler is often more expensive, but it has a sturdy and high-quality finish.

An average cost of $2,000 will have this done in no time.


This is the last and final step, labor and material costs vary on your choice. If you decide to install a fixed pane of glass, a budget of $1,500 is appropriate. That price doubles if you opt for a sliding door.

The installation is best left to professionals to avoid injury or a regrettable accident. It is best practice to leave space between the top of each glass pane and the ceiling, to prevent mold build-up.


Home décor is beyond renovations as aesthetics have proven overtime to be equally as important. Visit elephantstock for more incredible wall art.


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