Different Cannabis Strains and How to Choose one?


The cannabis industry is booming not just in the United States but all across the world. The global cannabis industry has already crossed thirty billion! A recent study demonstrates a steady rise in the use of Cannabis among adults and teens.

Today, many states have legalized the use of Cannabis for medicinal and recreational use. Research studies have found that Cannabis can help find relief with different medical conditions such as epilepsy and chronic pain.

Whatever the reason you buy Cannabis products, it is essential to have basic information regarding different kinds of cannabis strains and which one to buy for optimum benefits.

Different Cannabis Strains

Cannabis comes from the Cannabaceae family of plants, and Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica are the two main subspecies of the Cannabaceae plant. When n you start searching for CBD or Cannabis, or marijuana, you are likely to see words such as Sativa, hybrid, and India.

These are different categories or strains of Cannabis-based on their origin and Cannabis. Different strains originate from different breeds of Cannabis and carry a specific effect on the user. Indica, for example, is called as it comes from the Hindu Kush mountains of India. Some are more stimulating and bubblier such as Sativa. Cannabis ruderalis was first discovered in Russia and is much shorter than other species. Hybrid strains are prepared by cross germinating the seeds of the two Cannabis strains are commonly grown today. Hybrid strain carries the impact of both Indica and Sativa.

Kush strain such as Green Kush, Purple Kush, Afghan Kush comes from Pure Cannabis indica, while strains such as Blueberry Kush and Golden Jamaican Kush are sourced from Cannabis indica hybrid. Diesel Haze is a product of Pure Cannabis sativa or Cannabis sativa hybrid. White widow weed is a cross between South Indian Indica and Brazilian Sativa landrace and is among the most famous Cannabis strains worldwide.

THC is the main active ingredient in various Cannabis Strains that stimulates the brain to impart the desired psychoactive effects for relaxation, alertness, and relief from pain and anxiety.  The concentration of THC in the weed strain relies on many factors, such as how and where it is grown and extracted. Currently, the strongest weed strain carries a THC value of about 30%.

Which Strain To Buy?

When looking for the right cannabis strain, one needs to keep certain considerations in mind.

Why are you buying CBD- Know its purpose and what you are trying to get out of the CBD product. Think about your motive for buying Cannabis before you think of buying CBD.

  • Know your tolerance – Don’t just go ahead and buy any CBD strain as your body might not be able to take the effects that can be strong, especially if you are using CBD for the first time. Go for strains with mild and tolerable effects and gradually move on to strains with higher levels of cannabinoids.
  • Keep your medical history in perspective- Whatever cannabis strain you buy, it is essential to consider your medical history. There can be possible interactions between Cannabis and medications. Although Cannabis is a natural product, it is best to consult your doctor about the potential risk involved.
  • The technique of consumption – There are various ways of taking Cannabis, and each of those techniques can carry pros and cons. For instance, if you vape Cannabis, the effects are much faster, while CBD gummies are much easier to tolerate. So consider the drawbacks, such as potential irritation in your lungs by smoking a certain strain in a particular way.

Different strains of Cannabis carry different effects. For example, the two main weed types that come from the cannabis plant are Indica and Sativa. Sativa is known for its rejuvenating effects, while Indica has relaxing effects. Other popular strains such as Sour Diesel, Purple Kush, and Blue Dream provide both relaxing and energizing effects.


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