Ultimate Guide to Select the Best Router Table 2021


For any professional woodworker a router table is one of the most essential and versatile tool additions he can make to his workplace.

A router table completely transforms a router into a shaper for performing other technical works like rabbeting and dadoing.

It is much more accurate and convenient than hand holding the router, especially for small pieces.

The biggest advantage of using a router table is that your both hands are free as the router is securely mounted to the table. Having both the hands free you can have a largest work piece control during the cutting operation.

Hence with extra control you can pay attention to other minute finishing details like routing grooves or edging profiles.

We checked several manufactured router tables on the basis of accuracy, convenience, easy adjustability and many other features to give you a review on them and also guide you to buy the best router table.

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How to Pick the Best Router Table ?

Having a router table in your shop is a must for all wood workers. But before buying one you need to keep some aspects in mind based upon which you could get the most appropriate router table for your shop.

So, the first thing you need to do is to make sure that the router table has a bit guard which can be easily adjusted. And it also has slots for mounting feather boards and other machine parts.

A router table which has removable base plates make it easier to mount your router and take it out to change bits and make height adjustments with the table.

Look of the router table with the biggest tabletop; you’ll get more accurate cuts on long pieces during working.

Fences with two adjustable, replaceable wood or particleboard sections mounted to a solid one-piece metal fence are the best.

The Best Router Table Feature Include

  • A solid top which is rigid and flat to ensure greater accuracy. MDF is the material generally used to get more rigidity and flatness on the table surface.
  • A rigid and flat base plate for supporting the weight of the router. It needs to be solid and sustainable. Made from solid phenolic and machined aluminium is a good choice.
  • Sooner or later you will be in need of a router table fitted with a miter slot. Miter slot is useful for securing feather boards and other router table parts.
  • An accurate and easy to position fence is important for any router table. Fence is used to press the work piece while making a cut, so it should a precise one.
  • A sturdy and stable table base to get clean and crisp cuts. You can’t have a task accomplished if your table is shaking and shifting.

Thirdly keep in mind the ease of access related to the router table. There is no benefit of having a router table which is not easy and comfortable to work on.

The fourth aspect to be taken care is its versatility. A table which can serve multiple purposes like working as a shaper and as a router table. It can be a better buying option than a single purpose router table.

The next things to be taken note include features like built material, height adjuster, superior dust removal system, compartment space.

A router table having a strong built does last longer and also provides a better work output. Other important factor is the noise reduction feature because a noiseless working environment is something which everyone wants.

Hence, keeping all the guidance in mind you can buy the best router table for your shop.

How To Use A Router Table

A router table is the most useful power tool which is used in a wood working place. Hence working with such an impactful device that has sharp carbide-tipped bits needs some guidance and tips.

So, here are some of the tips that can be followed while working with router table to get the best working experience.

  • Make sure your work piece is clamped down securely to the work table. A stable work piece helps you get the best finish.
  • There are some specialized joinery operations possible with a router table. So, make your choices accordingly.
  • Make sure that your router table has a large tabletop for getting more accurate cuts.
  • Keep your hands safe by keeping them well clear of the bits. During the routing operation on router table never use your free hand to hold the work piece. Have a guard on your table which covers the area immediately above the bit.
  • Always unplug the router before making any adjustments. Whether you are changing bits, servicing the router or mounting an attachment, make sure you turn the machine off.
  • After selecting the most appropriate bit, inspect it for any damage or dullness.
  • Never start a router with bit in contact with the work piece as you may lose control over the router. So start and stop the cut precisely.
  • Always wear safety gear to avoid any mishap. Use protection for your eyes, hands and body with appropriate safety gears.
  • Never ever force the router table for a cut. Make light cuts and reset the bits in case excessive pressure is required. If you hear any unusual noise, inspects the bit immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Select the Best Router Table

  • How do I know if the router will fit my table?

Ans: The tables are especially designed to fit any routers. There are several pre drilled plates which can mount many kinds of routers. You need to check if your router model is listed with the table. If not then you can have a blank plate and drill your own mounting holes for your router.

  • How thick is the table top?

Ans: The table top is 1-1/8 inch thick.

  • What size is the hole in the mounting plate?

Ans: The hole is 3-1/4 inch in diameter.

  • What size is the mounting plate?

Ans: The mounting plate is 8 inches by 11 inches by 1/4 inch thick aluminum machined to within .010 inch flat.

  • Is there space available in the router table?

Ans: Yes there is ample space provided in a separate compartment in the table. You can store machinery parts and some other tools there.

  • How to set up my router table?

Ans: With every router table you get a manual which provides proper guidance for easy and hassle free setting of your router table. Just follow the instructions and you can set it up very easy.

Conclusion on Ultimate Guide to Select the Best Router Table

Being the most useful power tool, a router table is an essential part of wood working shop. Whether you are a professional, semi-pro or a beginner, a router table is something which is useful for everyone.

The quality of output provided by a router table cannot be matched by any other tool. So, we have provided you with some of the best reviews on router tables in market and additionally a complete guide for purchasing the best router table.

So, keep all the stated aspects in mind before buying a router table and follow the tips provided to get the most professional outcome for your task.


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