How To Choose And Buy The Best LED Grow Lights?


Which Is Suitable With Your Budget

This is one of the most important element because you have to know what you really need and how much you can purchase.

There are many kind of Grow lights out there on the market with a variety of prices. Some LEDs may be much more expensive than the other types such as HIDs or HPS but if you don’t worry about huge investment, you should choose the Best LED Grow Lights.

However, understand your budget to choose the most appropriate product that is suitable with your own particular grow.

Size Of Your Growing Space

When you want to begin growing, you should know and survey the space that you will do it.

Didn’t you? Let do it right because if you are not clear about this element, you will have to face with a lot of troubles when choosing.

Now let check your indoor growing space, you can use a measuring tape when you don’t know exactly your space, then you must calculate how many plants that you want to grow in this time.

You can also draw a quick map in which you locate your plants and the positions of future grow lights system. Ending the estimate, you must decide the wattage of grow lights and the bulbs of them you will buy.

For people who want to update from HIDs to LEDs, you can see this chart and take an advice for your upgrading.

Type Of Your Plants

Whatever kind of lights that you will choose, the destination of your finding is just the one can provide for your plants the most.

Therefore, you have to know your plants before choosing a friend for them. Every single kind of plant can be suitable with every different but specific condition to develop.

Remember this thing, before you want to grow a plant, you must understand its habit, and every need among the times that you take care of it.

After you have understood and found the best and optimal plan for your plants’ growth, you can choose a best LEDs system accordingly what they need and start your own growing.

Finally, keep this advice in your mind, don’t choose the most expensive LEDs, but the most effective ones for your crop.

Cooling System

Now you all know that LED grow lights are generally cooler than the other types of grow lights such as HPS or HIDs; however, you shouldn’t ignore the quality of the cooling system from product that you want to buy.

A part called heat sink will assume the responsibility that absorbing all the heat from the LED and shifting such heat away from your light.

A Metal-core printed circuit board, a part that have an ability to deal with even very high temperatures, and this part will be stocked with a panel; moreover, that panel will have the “fins” with the function of letting heat out into the air and take them far from your plants.

Tips For Leds’ Users Only

  • The steps to install LED Grow Lights

# Choosing the Grow Room

You may understand the definition of grow room but we need to see it again: grow room is the place that your growing will be taken place in; however, it doesn’t mean that you can choose any place to be a grow room.

Some people who have a legacy in cultivation choose tents or greenhouses; in fact, these options are not only unsuitable for growing indoor, but really ineffective as well.

On the other hand, every house on this planet (almost every country) has places such as attics, basements floor or closets, and these place will be extremely the most perfect positions for your indoor growing; in addition, with some experiences from learning or reading and applying in growing, choosing these space can be an long-term decision for your garden.

Nevertheless, when you choose this kinds of rooms, there are some notes you need to remember (also for people who want to change their growing area).


as noted above, if your plants have to suffer from extreme heat in a particular time, the result will be awful.

However, with some subtle changes in your growing tip, everything can be better, you will see evidently the differences between the product before and after applying this method.

Actually, you don’t really need to keep them warm as some plants have an abilities to deal with poor temperature, but you nevertheless must check that after using artificial lighting, whether the temperature is over or equal with the norm.

LED grow lights can cope with this trouble but you also need to try to use it before deciding for a permanent investment.


this is also one of the most important element for growers who want to start their indoor growing career.

As you know, moisture, recommend by experts, should not be too high as when the level of moisture reach to the destination, the mold or fungi will be created and thrive, which really threaten to your plants’ healthy.

Moreover, if you want to grow aquatic living, you need to care about this more.

Airy element:

your grow room has to be placed in a place that is out of direct wind as these places can cause some bad effect for the plants.

Therefore, you must to keep the air circulation of the room in a decent level so that the content of oxygen and carbon dioxide that produced during the photosynthesis and respiration. The recommendation is using vents.

Electricity Source:

LED lights do not demand an excess quantity of electrical power, and also could run great on alreadying existing circuitry.

Nevertheless, as we noted above, they do need warmth sinks, and also regulation has to be created them either inside the increase area, or even more ideally, outside.

Additionally, while setting up the LED lights, you must make certain that the awaited tons is not expensive, or you could locate problem arising with the overall electrical stage of your residence.

Normally, growers use these lights during the nighttime, when the general use of electrical energy in our home is low, and also change them off when need goes to its peak. Plan out a schedule baseding on which the activities of your home will certainly not clash with indoor expanding.

Lastly, when you’ve started out, you can consider purchasing a generator to function as a reliable if your area struggles with frequent interruptions.


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