7 Tips for Throwing an Authentic and Scrumptious Australian Barbecue Party


Australians love barbecues. They often see this as a part of their culture. Outsiders might wonder why BBQs are so prevalent in a country as hot as Australia. After all, why cook and eat outside under the sun when you can simply stay indoors? Despite the heat, Australians enjoy an outdoor barbecue, especially during summer.

The weather in Australia during the warm summers is scorching hot. It’s the dry season in the southern hemisphere during this time of the year, and dry summers lead to high temperatures and heatwaves.

The average temperature during summer is usually between 82 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. However, you need to worry about the humidity more than the heat.

Aussies don’t mind having a BBQ with their friends even in these conditions. It’s their way of embracing the warm climate and turning it into something enjoyable.

For you to enjoy an Australian-style BBQ, you don’t need the warm summers. You have to be a bit careful with approaching the BBQ itself. So, to help you out, here are a few tips:

1. Choosing the Right Barbecue Setup

When choosing a burner or grill for your BBQ, you need to keep a few factors in check.

Firstly, know how often you’re going to use it. Secondly, keep in mind where you plan on keeping the setup. As long as you have a big backyard, a large 36-inch grill won’t be wrong. Lastly, think of how often you might move the grill. Based on all this, you can decide the type and size of your BBQ setup.

Then comes setting up the BBQ. It would help if you kept it at a well-ventilated spot in your backyard. Aussie BBQs always take place outdoors. So, you can’t have the authentic experience by setting up the grill on your rooftop.

It’s always a good idea not to isolate the BBQ. While it may not be at the center of your party, don’t place it too far away. Place it such that your guests can come over, have a chat with you, and experience a little bit of the heat.

2. Having the Right Equipment

An Australian BBQ takes a good amount of will and dedication. Aussies don’t just wing it expecting the outcome to be perfect. That’s why they’re so cautious about the tools they’re using, and how they’re using them.

Egg rings are a must if you have eggs at the party. Then you’ll need some good stainless steel skewers and shredder claws, too, if you have shredded meat. Aussies also keep a burger press of a decent size, along with non-stick grilling or BBQ sheets.

You might also want a digital meat thermometer if you can’t understand how well cooked the meat is just by touching it. These digital thermometers are life-savers for amateurs.

3. Marinating the Meat

Marinate for at least two hours before putting the meat on the grill. The best and least messy way to do that is by using plastic bags.

Before putting the marinated meat on the grill, keep it on a paper towel and pat it with another towel.

4. Don’t Heat Things Straight Away

Wait for a while after lighting the grill on fire. Otherwise, you might char the meat outside and leave it uncooked on the inside.

The best way to assess the heat is by placing your hand in the air, 10-cm above the grill. Wait until you can no longer keep your hand in that spot. Count the seconds you can hold your hand in that position.

Usually, you can’t hold your hand there for more than 2 seconds if the fire is super-hot. A medium-hot fire means you can’t hold it for more than 5 seconds. Decide what kind of heat you want to start cooking. Most people will opt for the medium-hot as it takes the optimum amount of time to cook without risking any burns.

5. Knowing When to Turn the Meat

Turning the meat once every 30 to 40 seconds on a medium-hot fire is ideal for doing an Aussie BBQ. Some people will tell you otherwise, but everyone has their personalized version of this process.

Besides, a lot of this comes down to the BBQ grill or system you’re using and how hot the fire is. Just make sure you’re turning the meat quickly using tongs. That way, the moisture can’t escape the meat. It’ll stay intact, and make sure that the meat stays juicy.

6. Bringing a Bit of Variety on the Grill and Choosing the Sides

Steaks, sausages, burgers, and seafood are common elements that you’ll see on a BBQ grill. However, for the authentic Aussie BBQ feel, you’ll have to get creative and bring a bit of variety to that grill.

Throw in some pizzas, large mushrooms, and maybe a few vegetable skewers in there too. You wouldn’t want your vegetarian friends and guests to feel left out. In such situations, the bigger your grill, the better. You can always cook them in batches. Finish the meat items first, and then work on the veggies.

7. Letting the BBQ Rest

Don’t serve right after you’re done cooking. Let the meat rest and allow the juices to settle down. Take at least two minutes before you start serving them.

With that, your authentic and scrumptious Australian-style barbecue is done. The effort you have to put into all this will surely pay off. You’ll enjoy eating all the things you’ve cooked just as much as you enjoyed the overall experience.


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